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Herb's Experience

Herb is an expert in leading organizations and motivating critical talent. He brings over 45 years of hands-on strategic leadership experience and proven executive skills to every assignment. His experiences, from restructurings, turn-arounds, mergers, and start-ups, to steady state and global disasters, allow him to quickly engage with any client. These experiences come from the US military as a senior commander, COE leader, combat engineer and Army think tank member; from successfully leading the global executive development organizations for Citi and CIT during multiple organizational and flight risk crises; and, from creating an extremely impactful executive development company.

Herb can quickly get to an in-depth understanding of the client's unique leadership and structural challenges and, by keeping a finger on the pulse of leadership and organizational change practices and current business issues, can then develop realistic client-centric options and results. Simply stated, he gets to the real issues and hones the right skill sets at incredible speed and effectiveness. 

Herb's ability of linking both appropriate theory and meaningful action together has led him to author a book on CEO performance and publish over 2 dozen articles and conduct over 400 workshops on various strategic leadership, leader development, and organizational and strategic change topics.

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