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Harback & Associates specializes in five leadership pipeline areas - executive assessment and coaching; top management team alignment and performance; senior executive development and high potential fligh risk analysis and intervention; new manager transition and assimilation; and, strategic workforce planning.

Executive Assessment & Coaching

Harback & Associates combines proven assessment tools and hands-on experience to assess and quickly focus on behavioral changes and skill development needs for the executive within the workplace - this focus is provided through a short term executive coach or long term strategic advisor relationship. In addition, working with women and minority executives is a recognized specialty of Harback & Associates.

Top Management Team Alignment & Performance

Harback & Associates understands the uniqueness of the senior team and facilitates a workaround process in overcoming the inherent challenges with this type of team. Focusing the team on defining and accepting critical responsibilities that only they can perform and following the team through the developing and execution of a realistic plan of action are the key components stressed by Harback & Associates.

Senior Executive Development
Hi-Po Flight Risk Analysis and Intervention

Harback & Associates recognizes the challenges of senior leadership and is able to hone and integrate their unique skills and responsibilities through stand-alone workshops or within larger company programs. In addition, we understand the issues around high potential flight risk - we can track it, analyze it, and provide action to minimize it. Defining the deliverables, building the team, creating the organization, and focusing on performance are the basic business model components around which essential elements of leadership are shaped within any of the facilitated programs. This most critical area of developing and retaining area key talent is the core competency of Harback & Associates.

New Manager Transition & Assimilation

Harback & Associates has developed a day and half cutting edge Leader Evaluation & Assessment Direction (LEAD) program that accelerates the transition, assimilation, and performance of the new manager and the team. Through a facilitated program of structured and challenging learning, the alignment of priorities and the renewed commitment to clearly defined objectives are established. Key is the understanding and managing of expectations and the establishing of personal ownership and team trust. Being able to do it all successfully in a constantly changing environment is a repeated theme for Harback & Associates.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Harback & Associates knows how to leverage human talent, workforce requirements, and organizational design into strategic plans that are realistic solutions to the unique culture and talent of the business and its future. We understand the needs of the business leader when it comes to "right person, right place, right skills, right strucutre, and right timing." Getting it strategically right is the critical step to success and that is the hallmark of Harback & Associates.
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