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When the discussion centers on keeping people, many managers tend to focus on the concept of "retention." But retention is really focused on a result of doing something. The more critical focal point needs to be centered on the concept of "engagement" - looking at things we as leaders need to be addressing in order to retain our talent's commitment to the business. Those three critical levers have to do with a clear sense of Purpose, Assurance, and Incentive.

We need to help our folks answer three questions:

-- So why am I with this firm? (Purpose) The answer gives the individual a realistic rationale to commit; without it, it is just a job.

-- How am I protected if the situation changes? (Assurance) The individual wants to understand "Plan B - the backup plan." If you don't give them one, they will create their own. And that plan may not include your business.

-- How will my performance be recognized? (Incentive) This gets right to the value proposition - clarity about what is one's responsibilities and how they will be recognized. There needs to be clarity and agreement as to the value the person has to the firm and the firm to the person. Without it, the individual will seek a balance elsewhere.



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